The European Environment Agency (EEA), an agency of the European Union located in Copenhagen, is looking for its new Executive Director to take office in June 2023.
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The applications for the position are now open. Candidates need, among others, extensive experience in leading large organisations in a dynamic and innovative work environment as well in-depth knowledge about European environmental and climate policies. Applications close on 7 July 2022.



建立在几十年的成就和经验, our next Executive Director will help shape the EEA’s work in the decade to come and continue to enhance the role of the Agency as a key environmental knowledge provider to support the wider goal of contributing to Europe’s progress towards environment and climate goals for 2050.


The appointment is for a period of five years, renewable only once for an additional period of five years.

About the candidate

Candidates need experience in managing large organisations in dynamic and changing environments, including operational, financial, and human resource dimensions. The position requires a wide set of skills, including in developing and implementing a strategic vision and facilitating innovation processes, and taking decisions in complex political environments, as well as experience in high-level negotiations in a European or international environment.




We are an agency of the European Union, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We aim to help the EU and its member countries to make informed decisions about improving the environment, integrating environmental considerations into economic policies and moving towards sustainability.

We also coordinate Eionet, a network of national environmental bodies in 38 countries, including European Topic Centres. Together with Eionet and other partners, we play an important role in monitoring, consolidating, evaluating and reporting on the implementation of the EU environment and climate legislation in Member States, in particular the European Green Deal and the 8th Environment Action Programme, as reflected in the EEA-Eionet Strategy 2021-2030.




For the detailed job description, requirements and how to apply, please see the欧盟委员会网站



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