Commission proposes EU-wide repair index

The European Commission has published draft proposals for ecodesign and energy labelling regulations on smartphones and tablets. If agreed, they will establish a repair index and the first-ever EU-wide energy label for these devices.
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The repair score will not be the only information included in the new label for all smartphones and tablets. It will also inform consumers on battery endurance, resistance to accidental drops, and protection against dust and water. The new label can be a game changer and drive consumers towards the most sustainable products.

The new regulations will also impose promising design criteria that all phones on the EU market will be required to meet including:

  • Obligation for manufacturers and retailers to provide information on the price of spare parts
  • Strong reliability requirements, such as enduring to be dropped up to 100 times without loss of functionality
  • Possibility for users to safely erase data and confidently donate devices to refurbishers and other reuse operators

Room to upgrade

Although generally encouraging, the proposals should still be significantly improved. The availability and replaceability of certain spare parts set unnecessary limits for do-it-yourself repairers. The Ecodesign proposal opposes repairability to reliability. Manufacturers will have the choice to provide durable batteries (lasting for more than 1000 charge cycles) OR make batteries available as spare parts to end-users. ECOS believes that consumers deserve both as a minimum, and not one or the other as currently suggested.

Sadly, the Commission also lacks ambition in other aspects. It obliges manufacturers to provide spare parts and software updates for only 5 years, rather than longer. In addition, mobile phones and tablets with flexible displays are exempted from these obligations. As a result, such devices might become the norm for manufacturers willing to ignore the design requirements imposed by the EU.

欧盟智能手机的结合比拉脱维亚的年度碳预算更重要。标准环境联盟计划经理Mathieu Rama(ECOS):“维修指数和新的能源标签将成为移动电话和平板电脑市场的游戏规则改变者,从而使耐用性在购买设备时成为决定性的标准。就像它们的价格或功能一样,它将在各个型号之间相当。今天的提议可以标志着一次性设备时代的终结。让我们确保我们将所有松散的末端绑起来 - 消费者应该得到可修复性和可靠性,这应该是齐头并进的。”


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