Chemical Recycling of PMMA in Abu Dhabi

Coperion is supplying a complete system for the chemical recycling of PMMA to Renov8, a subsidiary of Just Right based in Jafza, Dubai, a manufacturer in plastics processing and manufacturing, specializing in sustainable solutions.
Renov8的创始人Nilesh Jain,Kezad Group首席商务官Fatima Al Hammadi,Renov8和Kezad Group的代表,在Coperion的K Show Booth签署了新的PMMA回收系统的合同。(来源:铜)

The Coperion system for the chemical recycling of PMMA will be installed at the Kezad Polymers Park in Abu Dhabi, which is among the most popular vertically integrated Polymers downstream manufacturing eco-systems in the region. It will thermally convert PMMA into liquid rMMA in a continuous process. The system includes material handling, two ARW discharge agitators with discharge screws and two Smart Weigh Belt (SWB) feeders, as well as a ZSK 92 Mc18 twin screw extruder with 92 mm screw diameter, a vacuum system and a condenser. Key components of the system are produced in-house by Coperion.

Nilesh Jain, founder of Renov8, visited Coperion at its booth at K 2022 to sign the contract. The conclusion of the contract was preceded by extensive tests on the chemical recycling of PMMA at Coperion’s Test Center.

Coperion’s process solution allows for the thermal recycling of PMMA to rMMA in a very economical, continuous process.


在ZSK MC18双螺钉中,由于18 nm/cm³的扭矩,通过共旋转双螺钉将机械能引入PMMA。熔体的温度在短时间内能有效地升高。材料解聚。生产气态MMA,该MMA通过真空系统的脱气瘤提取,然后在冷凝器中转化为液体RMMA。与没有挤压器的热解过程相比,铜矿的化学回收解决方案的能量消耗较低,或与单螺丝挤出机回收相比。

The chemical recycling system for Renov8 will allow the processing of two separate product streams. Thanks to its self-cleaning properties, PMMA with different light transmittances can be recycled on the same ZSK 92 Mc18 twin screw extruder in short time without loss of quality.


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