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Boosting recycling of plastic films for a European circular and climate-neutral economy

| The EU-funded CIMPA project united experts from across the European recycling value chain to tackle the mounting challenge of managing the more than 2.6 million tonnes of multilayer plastic films that are incinerated or landfilled.

AMP Robotics raises $91 million in Series C financing

| New investment to support modernization and scaling of waste infrastructure to improve the economics and efficiency of recycling.

Wastewater treatment plants can catch a cold

| Just like humans, wastewater treatment plants can get sick, due to viral attacks.

These factors must be solved before our plastic can become circular

| In order to achieve our sustainability goals, we need to address the issues that prevent plastic from becoming circular.

Stabilizers for Polyolefin Recycling

| At K 2022, Brüggemann presented three new additives for improved stabilization of polyolefin recyclates. These additives are said to result in recyclates with good mechanical and processing properties. All grades are supplied as dust-free additive blends in compacted granule form.

Limited rebound in EU emissions

| According to the most recent "Trends and Projections" report from the European Environment Agency, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption increased in 2021 primarily as a result of Europe's post-pandemic recovery (EEA).
Erema: products for chemical recycling

Erema: products for chemical recycling

| Erema presents its new Chemarema series for the first time at K 2022.

Erema: New double filtration machine for post-consumer recycling

|以其新的发展Intarema TVEplus DuaFilCompact, the company wants to redefine the quality level for recycling particularly challenging post-consumer materials.

Stadler Test and Innovation Center in Slovenia

| The two-year-old Stadler Center is fulfilling its role as an innovation hub, participating in important research such as the EnEWA paper recycling project.

Study: Incineration’s effect on gas consumption

| A new study published by Zero Waste Europe finds that waste incineration is too inconsequential to reduce the European Union countries' (EU27) dependence on Russian gas.

Erema presents EcoGentle plasticising technology

| The new models of Vacurema Basic technology are unique in their scale and production capacity.

Redwave supplies refuse-derived fuel processing plant to Norske Skog

| Redwave has supplied a waste-to-energy processing plant for Norske Skog.

SMS group: Process technology for green steel production plant

| SMS group has been selected to provide a broad range of technology and equipment for the H2 Green Steel project in Sweden.

Nextloop宣布rPPstudy results

| Nextloop has completed a study of background contamination of post-consumer Polypropylene (PP) packaging for its submissions to food safety authorities EFSA, USFDA, and UK FSA.

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